In orbit above Ryloth - 1 BBY

Jaeson sat in the middle of his quarters aboard the Starlight Strider, by himself. He mediated in the middle of the room, trying to let the Force flow, but found it difficult. During the entire course of his membership in the Ryloth Brotherhood, working as one of Captain Oola's smugglers, and as a bounty hunter, he found himself distracted. His thoughts would often turn to Oola r'utian and his emotions would rise. And the more he tried to detach himself emotionally, the stronger her image would return to meet him. And the more it plagued him, the slower his progression in the Force was.

He broke his meditation as he sensed Oola approaching, just before the Strider was about to pass over Ryloth's Bright/Darklands border to sort of see a type of sunrise.