In the year 0 ABY, Druue Transitora was following a potential lead on the investigation of her mother's death. She had travelled to the planet Bestine IV, an imperial island world in the inner rim. She had heard that the officer who gave her mother the order to visit the Death Star had gone on vacation there.

Druue questioned the resort where the officer had stayed, only to find that he had already left three days prior. The resort obviously kept no records on where their customers went when they left, so Druue was left with no place left to look.

She decided to stop on the way back to her hotel for a drink. She sat in the corner of the room, where she could see everything going on. When the waitress came, Druue ordered a glass of 8e0059-125 Decap, and a blue milk Nuna steak.

She continued to study the actions of the other people, searching for nothing in particular, and everything at the same time. When her food came she began to eat slowly, thinking of how she would find her next clue.