In the year 1 ABY, Azula'tara had just returned from an assignment to the rebel base in the Frigga Belt where she was stationed. She had been told to report to her superior at once, and for the first time, in person.

She walked into the mysterious office she had never been allowed to see. It was small, clean, and sparse. The woman who had been giving her orders for the last four years sat behind a blank desk, with spectecles resting just under her commanding eyes on the tip of her nose.

Azula'tara sat in one of two chairs across the desk from the rebel official, "You called?"

The woman made no effort to respond, "Last year, you retrieved an imperial officer from a holding facility in the inner rim."

Azula'tara nodded, "For a retrieval mission, that wasn't a bad one. He was a double agent, right? who got discovered a bit too early?"

The woman continued, "He had been gathering information on an ongoing imperial archeological investigation. Once you retrieved him, we were able to discover where they were digging, namely in the Elenas system."

Azula'tara smiled, "Well that's not far from here. So, what, I go in, find out what they're digging up and blow it up if it's dangerous?"

"No. You go in, find out what they're digging up, and if it's dangerous, He will blow it up."

That raised an eyebrow, "He?"