Opening Crawl

The scene starts out on the neon flooded planet Nar Shadaa. Vehicles zoom to and fro outside as people inside tall buildings bustle around just as busily.

Vi'tesha Lishko, or Tess, is found sitting in a cantina. She just got done with a secret Resistance meeting in one of the back rooms. Now she sits at the bar alone awaiting further instruction. She hopes she's able to leave soon. Tess misses the greenery surrounding the Resistance Base. All these buildings that seemed to have no beginning were cold and mysterious.

She pushed back a strand of brunette hair from her face and took a small sip of her drink. As much as she liked meeting new people, she wasn't too fond of men coming up to her and throwing flirtatious comments in drunken slurs. Although, she was surprised that there weren't that many intoxicated folks in this cantina. Probably because the owner, who was obviously a supporter of the Resistance, kept this place cleaner than most places. Tess took a sigh of relief and readjusted her loose fitting jacket. It was getting uncomfortable but she wasn't ready to let the "ladies" lure in unwanted company.

Tess took another sip of her beverage. Ugh... I'm so bored... I'd rather be sewing...