Opening Crawl

In the fields of Lothal, through the high grass and crops, one man sprinted as a boy sat on a speeder. The sun shined high above as little white clouds floated by. Wind breezed swiftly, swaying the vegetation until the two agitated the peace.

The two young Force Users, Reon Drell and Skai'ra Cloudstalker, sped through towards a certain cave. Skai'ra's small, feminine-like body sat hunched on the automobile, his brown hair rustling in the high winds he was picking up.

Along the way, the young Gray Jedi threw obstacles in Reon's way. As he flew beside Reon he picked up a lonesome rock and hurled it right in front of the trainee.

"Whoopsies, hand slipped!" Skai'ra called out, laughing.