A young man laid in the tall grass of his world. The cool winds blew his hair back in the direction the grasses were bowing, revealing four small dark horns beneath his hairline. He enjoyed the warm sun shining on his face. Unfortunately, this enjoyment was cut short by his warm sunlight going away.

Opening his eyes, he saw the same Star Destroyer he'd been seeing for months block out the sun. He checked his wristwatch.

"Right on time," he said, getting up and walking to his swoop bike, stretching. He mounted his vehicle and rode across the fields to his hometown.

A few squads of First Order stormtroopers acted as guards. They simply patrolled, barked orders at some militia guards, but otherwise caused little trouble.

The young man parked his bike near his small house and walked around, looking for a particular Chiss on duty. He spotted her. "Hey Veca!"