Opening Crawl

Shoes clicked against the hard floors of one of the many corriders of the star destroyer Ascension. Two stormtroopers chased a young blonde girl, about the age 15, down the hallways. She looked back multiple times to make sure their distance was good.

"Hey!" the male stormtrooper shouted. "Stop! Ms. Lasker!"

The girl only panted heavily as she pressed forward.

"Yunice!" the female stormtrooper yelled. "Why are you doing this!"

That was a friend of hers... but she should no longer be a part of her life, as should this ship, as should the First Order.

Yunice forced herself to keep running until she reached the hangar where she knew an old lambda-class ship sat waiting for her treacherous act to be nearly complete. Her body ached and her breathing was raspy, but Yunice was known to never give up on her goal. Except the goal to displease her father. She was sure he was watching every surveillance, watching his daughter leave him one stomp at a time.

She skid around a corner and suddenly tumbled to the ground, a young boy falling with her. She got up and glanced at him. His tag said "HE-110".

"So sorry," she panted, although was she apologizing to him or her family?

Yunice got back up and kept going just as the stormtroopers turned the corner, jumping over the young boy.

Finally, she reached the hangar and she ran to the ship. How did she get this far? Wouldn't her father done more to stop her? Surely he knew why she was doing this...

She jumped in, starting up the ship, lifting it off the cold ground, and blasting out of the hangar. The woman stormtrooper told the male to leave it to her. She jumped into a TIE Fighter, flying after her friend. She turned on the comlink, connecting to Yunice.

"Why are you doing this?!" she yelled.

"Leave me, Vi'nessa!" Yunice shouted, tears running down her face. "I can't do this anymore!"

Vi'nessa was really Yunice's only true friend, their fiery personalities working well together to bounce burning encouragement off one another.

"Yunice, please?! Don't do this! How are you going to survive?!"

Yunice stayed silent, not knowing the answer herself. But she was determined to never be caught being affiliated with the evil First Order any longer.

"Goodbye, Vi'nessa," Yunice said, before putting in coordinates to one of the planets she knew of, and blasting off.

Vi'nessa slammed the controls of her starship and turned back around to Ascension.

Hours later, Yunice found herself flying towards Tatooine. However, she knew she would be attacked or ambushed by resistors of the First Order, so she decided to fly around in space for a small bit...

Tears fell down her cheeks again as she remembered her friend, whose personality was so snarky and humorous that she was almost unbearable, but in a good way...