Opening Crawl

On the planet Fest, a young boy about the age of 13, sat in horrified silence as he had been for a couple days.

"Help, help, help..." he repeated in his mind over and over. The loneliness crept into his very soul and he couldn't bare it any longer.

"Help, help, help..."

In his hands he clutched two lightsaber hilts close to his chest. He rocked back and forth, staring at nothing. His hair was awry, his clothes stained, and his face dirty.

"Help, help, help..."

The images of his master whom he loved so deeply being murdered kept flashing before his eyes. Tears started to trudge their way down the dirt on his face.

"Help, PLEASE!"

He dug his face into his curled up knees and cried violently for the nth time that day.