Ilum. A cold, snowy planet full of rich and spiritual minerals. Essential to the Sith and the Jedi, this planet was a subject of power.

Malgus, a powerful Sith, decided to create his own Empire and attacked both forces with his own. Some Sith rallied behind him, hoping to gain something for themselves. All were caught off guard by this treachery and sudden intrusion.

A group of Jedi gained transportation on a ship owned by a small group of smugglers. When they arrived, they didn't know how serious the threat had grown to that point.

A few Sith that have no affiliation with Malgus found out about this ship and attacked the base that it landed in. Only few knew about it until a message was sent to the others.

"Sith! There's Sith here! There's-agh!"

Ty'rin, a young Jedi sentinel, clutched her companion's outer garment as they rode on their speeder. She put back her communicator.

"Should we go back?" she shouted over the whirring winds.