You won't hurt him any longer.
— Andrus to Inimus, Sorren's abusive father
Andrus Ta-keo
Nickname Andy
Gender Male MaleIcon.png
Species Human
Birthplace Mandalore
Birth Year 9 BTC

3662 BBY

Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Light Tan
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Height 6'6"
Professional Status
Affiliates Mandalorians

Shadowblood Guild

Occupation Bounty Hunter
Personal Status
Relatives By Blood:
  • Draedyn Ta-keo (father)
  • Elmira Ta-keo (mother)
  • Jordah Clair (descendant)
  • Reon Drell (descendant)
  • Exan Drell (descendant)
  • Xas'mar Oviss (descendant)

By Adoption:

Additional Info
Logo Krybes
Born for war, Andrus takes pride in his Mandalorian ways and fighting skills. However, just because he's a wall of strength doesn't mean he's emotionless. In fact, with a big heart under that tough exterior, he cares deeply for his best friend and all others that come to be under his care.


Andrus is an extremely handsome specimen. His face and body is chiseled and strong. He stands at a staggering 6 feet and 6 inches and he is nothing but solid muscle.


When you first take a look at Andrus, you would categorize him as a meatheaded wall of muscle. And while that may be true, considering he's not much in the way of smarts, he also has a big heart underneath that ridged exterior. He cares for those he's close with deeply, especially his best friend, Sorren, who's basically like a brother to him.

Andrus likes to rely on brawn rather than brain. He's cocky in his strength and abilities to fight, and he has reason to be, but that sometimes can blind him in battle and cause him to start losing. Although with a little planning help from Sorren, he'll get right back to his feet in time to win!

Andrus is also a huge flirt, always trying to talk his way into getting with women all around, and he's usually turned down, even though he's handsome than most.

Andrus is also a big eater, loves food and, when given the chance, a huge napper.


When on a bounty mission or fighting in arenas, Andrus wears his heavy suit of armor that--unlike the picture--does cover his whole body. He even owns a helmet that is automatically retractable and folds backwards to reveal his face. Also, as a special add-on that cost Andrus many savings, he was able to weld a slate of beskar iron ore on his gauntlets so he could deflect nearly anything with his lower arms.

Weapons-wise, Andrus wields a large sword  that he carries on his back when he knows he's going to encounter close-combat. Thanks to the popularity of his father, Andrus was able to get a sword with the blade made of beskar iron ore.

Usually, when bounty hunting, Andrus relies on his arsenal of different types of grenades on his person. Also, in a holster, he holds a blaster pistol for when he needs a firearm. On his back he would carry a blaster rifle.


Andrus knows many forms and types of fighting thanks to his Mandalorian training on Mandalore. He also has amazing endurance and, obviously, amazing strength.

He doesn't do well in the brain department, however. If it doesn't have to do with fighting, killing, or loving, he will most likely have difficulty understanding whatever it is.


Early YearsEdit

Andrus was born on Mandalore to two strong Mandalorian warriors. Elmira, his mother, was as sweet as can be, but knew how to rip people a part...sometimes literally. His father Draedyn was a highly praised warrior, having faced many foes and brought them down. But, just like Andrus would grow up to be, Draedryn was also very loving towards his son and wife. Both cared for him deeply and watched over him in his youth.

When he was old enough, but still fairly young, both of his parents taught him in different fighting styles and the ways a Mandalorian should act in the days of the Galactic War. Neither parents had a preference of Sith or Jedi allegiance and didn't teach him to fall either direction. Instead, they were considerate enough to let him make his own decisions in life. They wouldn't even mind if he didn't want to become a warrior like them, but Andrus did want to.

One Fateful DayEdit

When Andrus was around the age of seven years old and already pretty tall and a little strong for his age, he would go adventuring around his village every once in awhile. One day, he found a small boy crying in a garden, with bruises and cuts on his body. The boy was trying to conceal himself behind a bush, but he didn't count on a curious boy wandering his way. Andrus knew who the boy was, which was Sorren Cloudstalker. Sorren was smaller than most boys his age, and quite feminine looking. He was also two years older than Andrus, but Sorren looked a little over a years younger than he.

Andrus also knew why Sorren was so bruised up. Rumor went around that Sorren's father, Inimus, was an alcoholic and hot-headed. Andrus felt sympathetic and went up to him. Andrus sat down in front of Sorren and looked at him until the boy noticed him and looked up. Tears strolled down the bruises on his face. Andrus frowned, appalled that anyone could do this to their child. His parents had treated him so well that it was unthinkable to accept that this could happen.

Sorren continued sniffling and crying until Andrus started making funny faces. He kept trying, not giving up, until Sorren started giggling. Andrus smiled when he discovered he made a breaththrough. He knew this boy didn't have much in the way of friends...or he made his decision.

Andrus got up and walked off. Sorren, sat there, watching him leave. Some time went by and Andrus came back to see Sorren still there, but not crying...just sitting there. Andrus sat back down in front of Sorren and handed a small towel. Sorren wiped his snot and tears away. Then, Andrus applied bacta gel to Sorren's face, arms, and legs. Sorren watched in awe as he saw this boy help heal him.

Since ThenEdit

Since that day, Andrus and Sorren always hung out with each other. Andrus would make sure to be by his side nearly all the time, and they got to know each other as well as they know themselves. Andrus found to have a strong connection with this boy, and confessed to Sorren that he saw him as a true brother and wanted it no other way. Sorren was quite happy with this and loved Andrus as much as a brother as well.

Sorren confessed to Andrus that he didn't want to be a Mandalorian warrior, which was one of the reasons his father beat him and despised him. Andrus grew up to accept whatever a person wanted to become and encouraged Sorren to choose whatever path in life he wanted.

A True HeroEdit

For years, Andrus promised Sorren to take him wherever he goes so that they could stick together. When Andrus was reaching the end of his adolescense, Draedyn and Elmira encouraged him to start seriously thinking about his future. Andrus decided to become a Bounty Hunter and join a guild called the Shadowbloods. Andrus told this to Sorren, and Sorren made sure to remind Andrus that he didn't want to be a Bounty Hunter or fighter of any sort. Andrus said it was fine and he would provide all the money they would need and told Sorren he didn't need to worry about a thing.

The day they decided to finally leave Mandalore and leave on their newly bought D5-Mantis Patrol Craft to travel the galaxy, when Andrus was about eighteen-years-old, Andrus waited at his house for Sorren so they could go. But, ten minutes after Sorren said he would arrive left Andrus to worry. He knew what that could mean, even if it was only ten minutes late. He ran to Sorren's house, which was isolated and on the outskirts of the village, and sure enough, he could hear yelling, shouting, and crashing in the house.

Andrus' anger grew hot and he bust down the door to see Inimus holding Sorren by the arm, bruises on Sorren's body and tears down running down his face. Inimus was in such a drunken rage that he didn't even notice the wall of muscle rushing towards him. Inimus was reaching his fist back to go in for another hit when Andrus grabbed his arm tightly and squeezed it. Inimus shouted in pain, and looked fearfully at Andrus.

"You won't hurt him any longer," Andrus firmly told Inimus through clenched teeth.

He picked Inimus by the arm, which made him let go of Sorren, and threw him across the room, slamming him into a wall. Inimus weakly looked up, fear and pity in his eyes. Sorren lay weakly against the wall, tears continuing to stream down his face, and Andrus picked him up gently and held him in his arms. Andrus gave Inimus one last glare before leaving.

Andrus carried Sorren all the way to his home and told his parents what happened. They all decided to wait awhile for their departure.

A couple of days later, when Sorren was all healed, and Inimus was arrested, the duo finally left Mandalore.


  • Andrus is an Estonian form of Greek Andreas, meaning "man; warrior"
  • Ta-keo is similar to Takeo which is a Japanese name, meaning "valient male"
  • I do not own the picture


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