Faang Sheath
Alias Jaws (Bounty Hunter)
Gender Male MaleIcon.png
Species Iridonian (Zabrak)
Birthplace Iridonia
Birth Year 14 BTC

3667 BBY

Handedness Right
Complexion Orange-Cream
Eyes Caramel
Height 6'2"
Professional Status
Affiliates .
Partners Masters:
  • Torshe Allervan (Jedi)
  • Grazen (Sith)
Occupation .
  • Jedi
  • Sith
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Engineer
Personal Status
Relatives By Blood:

By Marriage:

Faang Sheath has been known as Jedi Padawan, Sith Acolyte, Sith Warrior, Bounty Hunter, husband and father. With many different life experiences under his belt, Faang has lived a life of adventure, turmoil, and love.


Faang grew to be a strong, well-built man. He has devishly handsome looks and is pretty tall. His skin color is a creamy orange and his eyes are a shiny caramel. He has no hair on his head. His horns form a circle around the top of his head.


For as long as he can remember, Faang has always been inquisitive. Questions always seem to fly around in his mind as he descovers the galaxy, and he's not afraid to ask them. When Faang wants to know something, he will find a way to obtain the information he is seeking.

Faang enjoys learning, which goes hand in hand with his inquisitiveness. At the Jedi Temple, Faang spent most of his free time at the Jedi Libraries, reading up on biblographies, diaries, ancient manuscripts, and such. He also stayed very focused during any sort of training he acquired.

Faang was also a major realist when he was younger. He didn't believe in dreaming, only focusing on the "here and now". Faang was never a daydreamer, seeing it as a waste of time and illogical.


As a Jedi:

  • Lightsaber with a green crystal

As a Sith:

  • Two lightsabers: One red, one green

As a Bounty Hunter:

  • Lightsaber with a green crystal
  • Flamethrower gauntlet
  • Rocket boots
  • Dual blasters
  • Grenades


Force Abilities:

  • Telekinesis
  • Force Advanced Acrobatics
  • Enhanced Endurance
  • Mind Tricks
  • Enhanced Memory
  • Force Lightning


  • Aggresive Martial Arts
  • Stealth


Early YearsEdit

Faang was born to a Zabrak mother and father on Iridonia. He had a sister two years older than he named Bria. He had a good childhood; well cared for and such. When he was three, his sister was taken to the Jedi Academy on Coruscant, seeing as she was Force Sensitive. When he was the age of five, it was his turn as well, following in her footsteps and headed to Coruscant, leaving behind his mother and father who, as far as he knew, wanted both of their children to grow up to be keepers of peace as the Jedi were known to advertise.

Jedi Youngling and TrainingEdit

Faang made sure to learn as much as he could from his training. His strength in the Force and his determined focus led him to acquire a special skill: Enhanced Memory. Thanks to the Force, Faang was able to remember every detail of every situation he encountered as if he was reading it on paper. This excited him, creating a hunger for knowledge.

In his free time, Faang would often go into the Libraries and read as much of anything as he could. He especially liked bibliographies and diaries of old wars, tragedies, and the like. Faang even came across old manuscripts of the Je'daii, which sparked some nagging questions.

When given the chance, he would share his opinions and questions with Bria. She would often tell him to stay focused on his training, but she couldn't help but be amused by his curious nature.

Faang grew strong in the Force as he got older, surpassing most of his fellow peers. However, his questions about the Force grew as well. He didn't understand why there was such a stark distinction between the Light and the Dark. Why did the Jedi stick to the Light and the Sith to the Dark? From the little information of the Je'daii that he could find, they believed in balance in both sides, not being afraid to master the Light and the Dark. These questions bothered him, and for awhile he let them dwell only in his mind.

Life as a PadawanEdit

At the age of fourteen, a Twi'lek Jedi Master by the name of Torshe took him under his wing as a Padawan learner. Torshe was humorous and light hearted, caring about others' feelings. Although Faang was blunt and serious most of the time, he enjoyed the cheerfulness of Master Torshe.

Faang saw this as an oppurtunity to ask Torshe, his own personal and wise master, those questions that have been bothering him for years.

Faang asked why the Jedi were so detested to the Dark Side of the Force. He understood the dangers, but he also saw the possibilities. A balance of the Force made sense to him; why didn't it make sense to the Jedi?

Master Torshe, as expected, reminded Faang of the temptations the Dark Side can bring. It can be a fire to greed, hunger for power, hatred, anger, and any other unstable emotion and feeling. Faang understood this, but he asked why one couldn't just learn to master the Dark Side; use it for good instead of just for evil.

This led to Master Torshe keeping a sharp eye on his padawan, which Faang was aware of.

An OppurtunityEdit

Faang accompanied Master Torshe to investigate a distress signal on Taris at the age of fifteen. As they led a small group of troopers, they were ambushed by Imperial soldiers and a Kaleesh Sith Lord, Lord Grazen, that attacked a small Republic base. They were outnumbered and none survived... except Faang. The Kaleesh saw potential in the young Jedi and offered him a deal. He would let Faang live if he agreed to become his apprentice. Faang didn't care about life or death, but he saw this as an oppurtunity to learn of the Dark Side first hand... and maybe being able to balance it with the Light. Faang took Lord Grazen's offer and left with him to Korriban to begin his Sith training.

Life as a Sith ApprenticeEdit

Faang learned much from Lord Grazen and Tace Mavro, Grazen's other apprentice. Tace was one of the only Sith Acolytes who tolerated Faang's Light Side presence. It actually fascinated him, constantly asking Faang about what it was like to be a Jedi. Tace wasn't interested in becoming one, but he was just curious.

During this time too, Faang secretly kept hold of his Jedi lightsaber. He knew if he was to have a chance of learn to balance the Force, he needed something to keep him grounded. He also kept in touch with his sister in secret, as did she, reassuring her of him being alive and his progress on trying to balance the Force. This was the only secret Bria ever dared to keep from the Jedi High Council.

Years went on and Faang grew stronger in the Dark. He noticed it was changing his perspective on situations and leading him to a much colder attitude on life. He was still determined to learn how to balance both the Light and the Dark, but by constantly being on Korriban, it only led to an even bigger imbalance.

However, he did grow stronger as said before, and Lord Grazen saw great potential in him, easily determining him as his favorite. This stung Tace with jealousy and he started to slowly distance himself from Faang and hate him from afar. Tace thought of himself as superior to others because of his Sith blood, being of the Sith species himself. Faang paid no attention to Tace's growing distaste for him.

By the age of twenty two, Faang had lost sight of his main purpose and began focusing more on his missions that he was given by the Empire. He started doing things he regretted, such as killing innocent people and destroying their homes. Tace saw that Faang wasn't satisfied with this and hated him even more.

Waking UpEdit

After an especially cruel mission, Faang tried to recap what he had done. He had innocent lives on his hands, and yet he wasn't that traumatized by it. He knew that the Dark Side had consumed too much of him. He needed to leave the Sith before he became a total monster and never able to come back to reality again.

Faang was sent on a mission with Tace when he was twenty three. They arrived on Taris again, the same planet his old master was murdered. They were sent to attack a Republic base that held troopers and two Jedi. This was mostly a test on Faang because Tace had informed Lord Grazen of his growing uncertainty in his new abilities. And just as Grazen feared, Faang wasn't able to do it. During the attack, Faang left Tace and the troopers behind.

A New CareerEdit

Knowing he could never return to the Jedi Order, Faang decided it would be best to find new work. He decided he'd best be suited as a Bounty Hunter. He started taking small jobs and worked his way up to the larger work. His arsenal grew and skillset more dangerous.

He eventually joined the Shadowblood Guild of Bounty Hunters. There he met Katarna Azerell, a former Imperial Agent. She became a Bounty Hunter only a year before and was know well known amongst the clan. They hit it off and became partners and went under new aliases, Faang as Jaws and Katarna as Claws. They were quite the duo, able to take large jobs just the two of them.

The Bloom of LoveEdit

After working for about a half-year together, Faang and Katarna realized their feeling for each other and decided they had a deep love for one another. They continued to work as Bounty Hunters for five more years until they decided to retire and settle down. They got married and used all of their savings to buy a nice condo on Coruscant. Faang eventually went to Engineering school and became an Engineer and Katarna started substituting at the nearest high school.

After a year of working and living on Coruscant, they had their first child, a son named Ronan. Two years later they had their daughter Lajrah. And after five years, their final child, a son, Cadd, was born.

The Student Becomes the MasterEdit

It was discovered shortly before Cadd was born that Ronan and Lajrah were Force Sensitive. Not wanting his children to have to choose between the Light and the Dark and end up in pain, Faang thought it was the best idea for him to teach his children using his own methods. He taught them both in the ways of the Light and the Dark at an attempt to reach full balance.

Ronan and Lajrah learned quickly and as years went by they became stronger.



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