Lilezi Sodo
Lilezi Sodo
Nickname Lil, Lezi
Gender Female FemaleIcon.png
Species Mirialan
Birthplace Mirial
Birth Year 12 BTC

3665 BBY

Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Green
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Height 5'8"
Professional Status
Affiliates New Dream Crew
Occupation Theater Worker


Personal Status
Relatives By Blood:
  • Uvavi Sodo (father)
  • Toziri Sodo (mother)

By Adoption:

Although born from the spirtually strong world of Mirial, Lilezi was adopted into a Human family full of boys, thus her tough exterior and interest in rough adventure. Living life as a secret smuggler has its benefits... and its downsides.


Lilezi was a pretty young woman with an athletic build. Her hair was black and fine. She was a little taller than the average woman, but she didn't mind.

She wore simple garbs, usually consisting of pants, boots, a small shirt, and a jacket.

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Lilezi grew to be tough and smart. Being raised in a household of four boys made her learn how to fend for herself and learn to take everything with a grain of salt... and throw a punch or two. She always played rough with her brothers and didn't mind getting dirty. Tussles at school with other boys was her pastime.

She started to get a desire for adventure and becoming something more as a teenager. When her adoptive father fell into the pit of alcoholism and died, she fell into depression and anxiety and really wanted to leave Coruscant.


Once she became a smuggler with her siblings, Lilezi acquired two heavy blaster pistols.


Lilezi learned martial arts and how to weild a firearm from her brothers Vane and Marx.

She also learned how to pilot a ship along with her brother Harlow. At first it was a ridged knowledge since she learned from low-quality flight simulators. As years went by, however, she became better and eventually, nearly unstoppable.

She was also charismatic and a smooth-talker, able to maneuver her way through conversations and shifty deals.


Early YearsEdit

Lilezi lost her mother a couple of weeks after her birth, resulting in a heartbroken father. Her dad started to feel very ill when she was barely the age of two and he called up an old friend to ask if he would take custody of Lilezi. His friend, who he knew since a young boy and was as close as brothers to, agreed to take in Lilezi.

Her father said his goodbyes when his friend arrived. The friend, Nellis Forrum, a Human chef, brought Lilezi back to Coruscant where he lived with his two boys and his wife, Bressa. The oldest son, Vane, was Lilezi's age and the youngest, Harlow, was just born at the time. Bressa was not too pleased with Nellis bringing in another mouth to feed, but Nellis didn't care. He promised to take care of her and he planned to keep that promise.

Over the years, Lilezi grew into a fun-loving, tough, and brash girl. She didn't mind getting dirty and throwing some punches at anyone who got in her way. Lilezi and Vane were best buddies, always taking on challenges together whether in school or on the streets. Harlow liked to keep to himself, but Lilezi had a good relationship with him as well. Another son was born during that time and was seven years younger than Lilezi, his name being Marx.

True ColorsEdit

When Lilezi was ten, Bressa became quite ill and passed away in the hospital. Nellis was heartbroken and his true colors began to show. What was unknown to the happy family was that Nellis had a dirty secret. He was a recovering alcoholic and when Bressa was sick he relapsed, and he was having an affair with a coworker. The death of Bressa caused him to tumble into drunkeness and this turned the once joyful home into a hellhole.

Nellis became angrier, depressed, and was doing terribly at work. Eventually he was fired when Lilezi and Vane were sixteen, so they both decided to get part-time jobs. Lilezi worked at a theater for holofilms and Vane got a job as a busboy at a shady bar. This wasn't enough for their home so they had to sell it and rent out a smaller apartment in the lower levels of Coruscant. Lilezi and Vane kept their jobs and encouraged Harlow to get one too, and he did, finding work in a library.

Their father was gone most of the time, either at a bar or where-ever; the kids were constantly worried about him. Marx, who went through bouts of depression, got into the wrong crowd at school and started to sneak off without the other siblings knowing. Lilezi got on his case a lot but he wouldn't listen.

Realizing a New DreamEdit

Because she worked at the theater, Lilezi saw a lot of the films for free at times, and she would watch a lot of the movies with smugglers and their wild adventures. Vane would actually meet some smugglers who past through the bar. Harlow, in his spare time, read a lot, and have read a few smuggler books.

When Lilezi was eighteen, the four siblings received news of their father and that he was found dead in an alley. The cause of the death was alcohol poisoning and drug overdose. How he obtained the drugs, they had no idea. All four fell even deeper into depression and anxiety.

Lilezi and Vane decided it was time to leave and start something they've been thinking about for awhile; smuggling. They've been planning for this time for awhile now. Vane knew of a ship owner who he became good friends with and could get the hookup if they gave him 100,000 credits for an XS stock light freighter. They've been saving up tons of money from all three of their jobs, and even Marx helped out with some credits he had stolen At this point, they were desperate to leave Coruscant and their troubles behind, so they took it. All four got the ship and left Coruscant.

Harlow and Lilezi read up on piloting and took many free, low-quality piloting simulator tests, so they knew how to work a ship and pilot it, although the real thing wasn't near as easy as the simulators.

Marx and Vane were skilled fighters and learned how to shoot firearms, as well as teaching Lilezi some moves, however Harlow only wanted to learn the basics; he didn't want to rely on violence. He only wanted to be the brains.

The four, who refer to their ship as the New Dream, became even tighter in relationship, even Marx who gave them some trouble from the start. Now, Lilezi is determined to always keep family first no matter what.


  • Although both her first and last names came from a name generating site, when Sodo popped up it seemed like a good idea to add it as a slight nod to the most famous smuggler of all, the scruffy-lookin' Han Solo
  • 1st picture is owned by this person - Evenyell
  • Bottom picture is thanks to


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