On the ground slave...and beg for your life.
— Lujâ

Lujâ is a Pureblood Sith Lord who is one of the most feared and respective Sith Lords in the Empire

Age 33
Title Sith Lord
Alias Sith Torturer
Status Alive
Rank Sith Lord
Gender Male MaleIcon.png
Race Sith Pureblood
Species Sith Pureblood
Birthplace Koriban
Birth Year 17 BTC
Handedness Left
Complexion red
Eyes ornage
Force Ability master
Height 5'0
Weight 108
Professional Status
Faction Sith Empire
Occupation Sith Lord, commander
Underlings Maso(Assassin)
Function Battle Commander
Additional Info
Abilities Force mastery
Likes culling the weak, killing, denying apprentice requests, commanding the battles,winning.
Dislikes being shown the flaws in his tactics,loosing,
Special Skills Light-pike mastery