Driods can be nicer than people. I've never had a driod attack me for no reason, but I have had many organics attack me for scrap.
— Lupin
I'm not short! I'm five-foot tall-enough-to-kick-your-ass!"
— Lupin
Lupin Argentum
[[File: |200px|link=|center]]
Alias The Shadow Wolf
Nickname Wolf
Gender Male MaleIcon.png
Species Mandalorian
Birthplace Arroyos 2
Birth Year 12 ABE
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Pale
Hair Dirty Blonde
Eyes Brown 
Force Ability Untrained
  • Advanced Telekinesis
    • Push
    • Grip
    • Build 
Height 5'9
Weight 160
Professional Status
Affiliates Drodi City
Occupation Mechanic
Additional Info
Abilities Combat
  • Melee


  • Mechanics
  • Slicing
Likes Droids
Dislikes You. Specifically you. Filthy meatbag.
Weaknesses Comically poor marksmanship


Height 5'9
Weight 160
He has pale skin from wearing his armor all the time. His eyes are a light brown, the color of a soft bark, and his hair is dirty blond.


he has a soft spot for droids and is mistrusting of outsiders and organics he dose not make friends easily but when he dose he has mad a fried for life.

Equipment and AbilitiesEdit



where pure black mandlorin armor with a blue wolf painted on the chest plate and has carryies his elector staff on his back and twin blasters on either leg he wear a t visorer helment and wear a jet back with his armor off he is pale





He was trained to use melee weapons by MagnaGuard droids and BX-series commando droids beyond their proficiencies. His electrostaff technique is highly refined, compensating for his failings as a marksman tenfold.

Unfortunately, he learned to shoot from B1 battle droids, not at all close to their inability. His ineffectiveness is godlike in that the majority of his shots are completely wasted and his aim is uncannily terrible.

The ForceEdit