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Manufacturer: Sev Secundus General Astronautics

Model Name: Albatross

Classification: Medium-class courier ship

Standard dimensions (H x W x D): 20m x 25 m x 35 m

Speed: Class-average

Hyperdrive: Enabled

Navigation: Computer-equipped, with droid interface optional


  • Dual turbolaser swivel turrets, manual operation only (port + starboard)
  • "Improviser" repurposing cycle cannon (dorsal): This inventive weapon, in the spirit of conservation of supplies, uses compact tractor beam technology to draw in large objects and then fires them as projectiles with an electromagnetic pulse. It was originally considered wasteful, as it required several minutes to recharge, but advances in technology have shortened the cooldown to a mere 30 seconds.

Crew: Two pilots, two gunners (optional)

Passengers: 3-5

Cargo capacity: 3000 cubic meters (10 m x 15 m x 20 m)

Supply capacity: ~1 month

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