There is emotion, yet peace. There is serenity, yet passion. There is chaos, yet harmony. There is no life without death. I serve the balance and through it the Force shall guide me.
— Code Skai followed
We all have our fears. Whether we've experienced them already or not, they're there. However, you use those to your advantage.
— Skai'ra to Reon Drell
Skai'ra Cloudstalker
Nickname Skai
Gender Male MaleIcon.png
Species Human
Birthplace Molavar
Birth Year 16 ABY
Handedness Right Handed
Complexion Pale
Hair Silver
Eyes Light Blue
Height 5'3"
Professional Status
Partners Masters:
Personal Status
Relatives By Blood:
  • Ruya Miruyo (ancestor)
  • Inimus Cloudstalker (ancestor)
  • Klara Julibee (ancestor)
  • Sorren Cloudstalker (ancestor)

By Adoption:

Skai'ra Cloudstalker has learned about loss and loneliness too early in his fragile life, but, thanks to a new master, Skai'ra is determined to be as strong in the Force as he can possibly be.



Thanks to Rinmarugames

Skai'ra has fair skin and soft, silvery hair. His eyes are of the lightest shade of blue and green.

He may be nineteen, but he looks much younger than he actually is. He has feminine features and a soft, sweet, feminine voice. He's much shorter than practically most boys his age.

He always wears a necklace with two kyber crystals attached to it. The green one was owned by his Master Yook Ahsi , and the blue one was owned by Ahsi's Master Ogosa, both of which Skai obtained after Master Ahsi's death.


Skai'ra is incredibly shy, cautious, and sensitive. It takes a long time for him to warm up to anyone, but once you get to know him, he'll open up little by little. Skai'ra's also a very careful person. He never jumps into situations unless absolutely necessary. And, his sensitivity can cause problems when it comes to scolding or anger towards him.

However, Skai'ra also has many good qualities to him. Because he's sensitive, he cares about others' feelings as well as his own. He'll listen to any problem you may be having, and he'll most likely give his own advice as well. And since he's cautious, he's logical. Skai'ra likes to have a plan is not too keen on "winging it".

Although, at rare times, when under great distress and usually fighting the enemy, an unexpected courage and anger boils inside of him and he lets his emotions get the best of him.


When Yook Ahsi was alive, Skai only used Ahsi's master's hilt, but after Ahsi died, Skai was able to use both Master Ogosa's and Master Ahsi's hilts.

After Jaeson-Araan Cypher came along, Skai obtained his own crystals to put in those hilts. He obtained two cyan-colored crystals.

This is all he cares to carry.


Basic Force Abilities:

  • Force Blast - Younger in age, only a radius about as big as a small room. Older, a radius as big as a large pond.
  • Force Barrier - This Force Barrier is like a force field, able to protect Skai in either a bubble form or shield form, however a fulll bubble form takes a little more strength. He is able to protect from blaster bolts, rocks being thrown at him, etc. however anything heavier or stronger is harder for him to block against. His Force Barrier can break whenever under great pressure or being held for too long.
  • Force Jump - Younger in age, about as tall as a two-story building. Older in age, about as tall as a four-story building.
  • Force Speed - Younger in age, his endurance allows him about a minute, maybe two. About the same time, except slightly faster.
  • Telekinesis - Younger in age, Skai's only able to move up to an adult human size. Older in age, he's learned to move objects more swiftly and slightly bigger and heavier.

Skai also learned a form of "Chi Blocking" where he's able to precisely jab pressure points in his target and render them temporarily paralyzed. However, strong-willed opponents usually get back up only after a couple of seconds. He's only ever learned pressure points of humans and humanoid beings.


Early YearsEdit

Skai was born on the planet Molavar where his parents immigrated to. When Yook Ahsi visited the planet after his master's death, he came across Skai's father and asked for a place to stay. Skai's father showed Ahsi hospitality and allowed him into their home. Ahsi noticed there was something special with Skai, that he had a connection to the Force.

After only a couple of days of Ahsi's stay, stormtroopers raided the village where they resided. Many were killed, including Skai's parents. Ahsi was able to save Skai and leave Molavar, although not without notice from a couple First Order spies. With a crying baby in his medic room, Ahsi barely escaped a TIE Fighter hot on his trail.

Ahsi arrived on the planet Fest with Skai and they stayed hidden in the mountains there for many years. Ahsi taught Skai basic Jedi Force techniques and Chi Blocking.

Young RegretsEdit

By the age of 13, Skai wanted to explore more than just Fest. He was tired of having lived on the same planet for so long without knowing much of the outside galaxy. Although Ahsi was hesitant, he allowed them both a small trip to another world. They arrived on Mantooine, but because this was a planet on the side of the Rebel Alliance and most likely supporters of the Resistance, First Order troops were sent there to scare them into submission.

Ahsi tried to protect Skai and himself and was found to be a Jedi when he took out his lightsaber. Skai, who only had a makeshift vibrosword, couldn't do much in the way of super protection. Sadly, Ahsi was killed because of the focus on his destruction. Skai was able to reclaim his master's hilt and escaped in his master's ship back to Fest.


This left Skai emotionally broken and somehow brought back infant memories of their escape from Molavar. When Jaeson-Araan Cypher heard his cries for help through the Force, he was able to find him and calm him down. However, they were attacked by an evil Force User and Skai ran away, finding Jaeson's ship in the snow. Jaeson was able to kill the evil one, and Skai shot down the troopship firing at Jaeson.

After escaping Fest, Skai agreed to become an apprentice of Jaeson's.

Skai joined forces with his new Master Cypher and he mentored him more in the ways of the Force. Skai was able to go to Lothal to acquire his own kyber crystals for his former master's hilt and the hilt belonging to Ogosa

At around the age of eighteen, he met Vi'tesha Lishko and Reon Drell, who became his closest friends. He trained alongside Reon with Jaeson being both their mentor.

Helping HandEdit

Skai was there to guide Reon to the same cave on Lothal to acquire his own crystals. Reon came out deranged and Skai was able to calm him down and listen to the visions he saw and give him humble advice.

Once on Nar Shadaa, a battle ensued between two Dark Enforcers, some low quality Heavy Elites, and the small Resistance group that resided there. Skai failed many times to control his emotions, finding himself overly enraged or holding back intense tears.

He found himself fighting against Reon's twin brother, Exan Drell, and almost being killed before Reon saved him. Skai was able to heal and thanked Reon for helping him out and vise versa.


  • Loosely based off of his creator, Skitti
  • More based off of Skitti's internet persona, if anything
  • I do not own the picture


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