Sorren Cloudstalker
Gender Male MaleIcon.png
Species Human
Birthplace Mandalore
Birth Year 7 BTC

3660 BBY

Handedness Right
Complexion Pale
Hair Platinum Blonde
Eyes Silver
Height 5'10"
Personal Status
Relatives By Blood:
  • Ruya Miruyo (ancestor)
  • Inimus Cloudstalker (father)
  • Klara Julibee (mother)
  • Skai'ra Cloudstalker (descendant)

By Adoption:

Having been saved from an abusive father, Sorren found an everlasting friendship; one that will find be reborn even way after his time. As he strives to help others as one has helped him, Sorren finds life is hard and you must push through.


Sorren always looked slightly younger than he actually was. When he was younger he was often mistaken for a girl, but as he got older, if he was wearing appropriate clothing, he would be clearly seen as a soft-looking male.


Sorren grew up with an abusive father and no mother. Because of this trauma, whenever he encounters anyone extremely angry, he tenses up and becomes filled with fear.

Other than that, Sorren is quite calm in certain situations. He acts mature and he's very smart. Sorren's polite, humble, and kind to all who deserve kindness.

He has a distaste for drunk people and rude idiots. He becomes quite bitter around them and is not afraid to tell them he doesn't like the way they're acting.

Sorren was also not keen on violence, considering his past situation, but was convinced by his "brother" to own a weapon just in case.


Although he hated it, he knew he needed to prepare for anything. He decided to own an energy bow that could come apart into two pieces. This bow emitted plasma as its string and arrows. Sorren would wear a special glove on his right hand that could bend the plasma to pull back the arrow to fire it.

When it came apart into the two pieces, Sorren could emit the plasma on the exterior to create blades and wield them as such.


Sorren didn't have much knowledge in hand-to-hand combat, but could wield his weapon quite well thanks to researching on how to use it.

Sorren was quite smart and did most of the planning and tactics when working together with his "brother."


Early YearsEdit

Sorren's mother died in labor and was left in his father's care. His father, Inimus, was an alcoholic and was quite hot-deaded. Because of this terrible combination, Sorren grew up without knowing true love or compassion. Inimus saw how soft his son was, how feminine he looked, how "un-warriorlike" he looked. Inimus was highly dissapointed in his son because he didn't look like a true Mandalorian. When in a drunken rage, and sometimes even when sober (which was rare), Inimus would call Sorren "good-for-nothing" and keep asking him why he didn't "look like a Mandalorian warrior".

Sorren would get beaten a lot and would run away from home when he knew his father was very drunk and wait until he fell asleep to come back home.

One Fateful DayEdit

One day, after his father had just beaten him yet again, Sorren ran out of the house and into a secluded garden a ways off to cry and let out his frustration at his situation.

During his tears, a young boy by the name of Andrus Ta-keo wandered near him and found him. Sorren found Andrus sitting right in front of him. Sorren was curious as to why he came near him. Then, Andrus started making funny faces. Sorren was confused, but after awhile, he found it funny and started to giggle. He hadn't giggled in a very long time. Actually, it felt like he never giggled before in his life. It felt foreign to him.

Then, the boy left him, and Sorren just sat there. He had recognized Andrus, having seen him multiple times. He knew Andrus was two years younger than he, but it was surprising because he seemed so much older than himself. Then, after some time, Andrus came back and gave him a small towel. Sorren took it and was confused.

"Why is he doing this for me?" Sorren wondered to himself. He wiped away the snot and tears and then flinched when he felt a small pain on his face. Andrus was applying bacta gel to him! Again, Sorren was continuously confused. After being covered in bacta gel, Sorren looked puzzled at Andrus.


Since ThenEdit

Since that day, Andrus was nearly always by Sorren's side every chance he had. Sorren learned to appreciate Andrus' kindness and compassion. He had never had anyone treat him this wonderfully before. He found he had a strong connection with Andrus and they started to knew each other just as well as they knew themselves. When Andrus confessed that he loved Sorren like a brother, he agreed and said the same thing back.

Because of their close bond, Sorren thought it okay to confess to his friend about his wishes to not become a warrior or anything of the sort. Violence just didn't appeal to him. Andrus thankfully accepted him for who he was and even encouraged Sorren to follow any dream he wanted. Sorren knew he had found a friend for life. A true friend. A brother.

His HeroEdit

Sorren knew Andrus always wanted to explore the galaxy and take on the responsibilities and jobs of a Bounty Hunter. Andrus also told Sorren that they would stick together, so they agreed to one day get a ship and travel the galaxy together.

The day they decided to leave, when Sorren was around twenty-years-old, Sorren didn't show up at Andrus' house at the time he said he would. That morning, Inimus finally came home after a night of heavy drinking. He was extremely drunk. Sorren knew this was a horrible time, but had a plan of escape. Although he hated his father, Sorren confronted him when he was in the dining room. Sorren confessed to Inimus that he was leaving Mandalore to travel with Andrus and support him in his endeavours to be a Bounty Hunter. This enraged Inimus.

"Not only are you a pacifist piece of Sithspit, but you're a homosexual too! I thought you couldn't disappoint me any more than you already have but you finally beat your personal record!"

Sorren had had enough of his father's abuse. He grabbed an empty glass bottle that sat right next to him on the table and chucked it as hard as he could at his father's head.

"You bastard! I hate you! You're nothing but a drunken has-been and you're only angry with me because you amount to nothing and you're a worthless pile of Mandalorian Bantha fodder yourself! Go to hell!"

This...this was a mistake... Inimus' eyes widened and, at least to Sorren, seemed to turn blood-red. Inimus rushed to Sorren, who was paralyzed with fear, and gave him a punch in the face, knocking him to the ground. The beating continued, and Sorren tried to run, but would get caught everytime.

Eventually, Andrus crashed into his house, taking hold of Inimus. Andrus then said what would take root in Sorren's heart forever.

"You won't hurt him any longer," Andrus confirmed.

Andurs threw Sorren's father across the room and left him on the floor. Sorren, exhausted physically and emotionally, fell against the wall and tears rolled down his cheeks. Andrus picked up his friend and held him in his arms. Sorren was carried all the way to Andrus home and was cared for and healed.

After a couple of days, Sorren and Andrus left Mandalore.


  • Sorren was a name chosen because it sounded like "Soaring", sticking to the "sky" theme like Skai'ra.
  • I do not own the picture


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