Ty'rin Cresura
Ty'rin Cresura
Nickname Ty
Gender Female FemaleIcon.png
Species Human
Birthplace Alderaan
Birth Year 10 BTC

3663 BBY

Handedness Right
Complexion Light Tan
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Height 5'4"
Professional Status
Affiliates Galactic Republic

Jedi Order

Partners Masters:
Personal Status
Relatives By Blood:
  • Ann'tum Cresura (father)
  • Shyla Von Hale (mother)
Ty'rin was a Jedi Shadow during the time of the Old Republic Era. After leraning of her parents' terrible mistake, she was determined to correct their wrong and die a pure Jedi. Did she succeed?


Ty'rin is a beautiful young woman. She has great posture and always tries her best to look presentable. Her skin is fair and lightly tan. Her hair is brown and short, barely reaching the neck. She wears a golden circlet with a green jewel in the middle. She wears this to almost represent royalty in a way, even though she isn't.

Her clothing always consists of a long sleeve blue, khaki, and grey shirt with rusty golden bracelets. Her gown is khaki with a greyish-blue strip running down the middle. She also wears a khaki colored cloak and mostly wears the hood, except when talking to respected authority figures.


She's usually quite bubbly, already for the next mission with a bright and determined smile on her face. People often mistook her for weak when she showed kindness to animals and others, but then surprised many when she packed a punch.
Ty'rin Rinmaru

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Ty'rin has also always been fascinated by royalty ever since she was a young child. She wears a circlet just to try and connect to royalty in a way, but her efforts in seeming like a princess are in vain. She knows that having that sort of mindset isn't becoming for a Jedi, but even then, she keeps it to herself.

Ty'rin can become annoyed easily, but she can easily be just as annoying without her trying.


A double bladed Lightsaber, color of yellow.


The abilities Ty'rin uses are her favorite ones. She uses these the most as they kind of became her main source of fighting - or not fighting.

Stealth - Being a Jedi Shadow, stealth is one of the first powers they learn in training. Ty'rin always finds this useful during urgent missions when the enemies would only waste time.

Mind Maze - Ty'rin almost laughs when using this power. She confuses her targets, then as their trying to get all their thoughts back together she strikes and brings them down. It only works on weak-willed opponents.

Force Cloak - She only uses this when in combat and she is in a dire situatuion. If the task at hand seems too difficult Ty'rin will use Force Cloak and hide herself and flee from the current battle. But she always makes sure to come back after resting and finish the job.


Early YearsEdit

Ty'rin was born into a complicated family. Her mother and father were once a part of the Jedi order. They fell in love while doing a mission together, and because they became too close, they were told that they either needed to release their emotions for each other, or to leave the Jedi Council. Her parents thought their love was too strong to break, so they left and had Ty'rin. She grew up not knowing they were once Jedi, but she started to find out that she was special. She was able to use the Force.

When Ty'rin was a teenager, around the age of 14, she confessed to her parents that she wanted to become Jedi. That day they confessed to her their past. She was confused, a bit angry that they didn't tell them, but was overjoyed knowing her parents were even able to become Jedi themselves. They told her not to make the same mistake that they did and that it was too late for them. Ty'rin agreed that if she was to become a Jedi, she would need to push emotions away, and peace with the galaxy and the way of the Force first.

Becoming a PadawanEdit

Ty'rin was able to become a padawan at the age of 21. She was proud of herself for getting that far, but knew that she had lots of training to do.


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