UPDATE: The Founder Awakens! (HAH I crack myself up)... But yeah he's returned and here to stay YAY

So I have been informed yesterday that the origial founder of this Wiki has been Missing In Action. I checked his activity and it randomly stopped many months ago. We have tried contacting him but he has not answered any messages on his wall.

So, because of this, we are in need of a new Supreme Leader (hah). Although I am the Co-Founder of this wiki, I do not wish to take on that responsibility, considering my absence from here and my life is crazy as it is, so I am in no position to adopt this Wiki.

However, one such user, our fellow ImtheSteve, has offered his time and effort to take over. Users are starting to put content on this Wiki again, and he took stand to say something. He is in the process of adopting this Wiki so we will keep you all updated. I'm sure Steve will post a follow-up blog to confirm his position. Thank you all for taking the time to read this.

May the Force be with you.

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