Vane Forrum
Gender Male MaleIcon.png
Species Human
Birthplace Coruscant
Birth Year 12 BTC

3665 BBY

Handedness Right
Complexion Light Tan
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Height 6'1"
Professional Status
Affiliates New Dream Crew
Occupation Busboy


Personal Status
Relatives By Blood:

By Adoption:

After discovering his dad wasn't at all who he and his siblings thought he was, Vane decides to leave his home with his brothers and sister to start a new life of smuggling. Was it worth it?


With a mesomorphic build, Vane had the means to be an athletic boy to begin with. His light tan skin matches well with his brown hair and brown eyes. He likes to keep his hair short. Vane's also pretty tall, considering his father is a couple inches smaller than him.


Vane had always been in touch with his sensitive side. He seemed to be strong and brave, which he was, but in addition he had a big heart and cared deeply for those he loved, especially his family. When they needed his help, Vane was right there to help in any way he could.

Although, because of this, he would at times let his passion get the better of him. If hurt deeply emotionally, he may lash out, which can be quite dangerous from such a big guy. It's always unexpected too if you've known him long enough.

All this sensitivity and passion he has leads him to be highly overprotective of his siblings, especially Lilezi.

When his father fell into depression after his mom died and turned to heavy drinking, Vane was disgusted by his father's action, but because he loved him deeply, fell into depression as well, as did his other siblings. Vane felt he needed to be the man of the house and took all the responsibilities of an adult early in life. This stressed him out greatly, but thankfully most of siblings were there to help him.


After becoming a smuggler, Vane acquired a vibroblade and a heavy blaster pistol.


Vane learned martial arts and how to wield a firearm through degnerates living in the lower levels of Coruscant.

Vane was also the strongest of his siblings, being able to carry heavy objects and have amazing endurance for a Human.

Being that he was very kind, he would find ways to help people and in turn, most of the time, he'd be able to get their help for something.


Early Years Vane was born to Nellis and Bressa Forrum in the lower-mid levels of Coruscant. When he was two-years-old, and his younger brother Harlow was just born, their father got a call from an old friend who had requested that they take in his daughter since he was fatally ill and his wife had already passed two years before. Nellis accepted and a few weeks later the Mirialan two-year-old Lilezi Sodo arrived.

Vane and Lilezi were close friends as they grew up together in the alleys and streets of Coruscant. They did nearly everything together. Harlow usually stuck to himself, huddled up in his room reading or researching, but they made sure to invite him to play even if he didn't necessarily wanted to do anything that day.

When Vane was seven-years-old, one more member of the family joined, a new baby brother named Marx.

While in school, many girls loved Vane because he was strong and kind, but he never really focused too much on the girls. His priorities lay in hard work and keeping his familt safe for the time being.

True ColorsEdit

When Marx was three, Bressa became quite ill and passed away in the hospital. Nellis was heartbroken and his true colors began to show. What was unknown to the happy family was that Nellis had a dirty secret. He was a recovering alcoholic and when Bressa was sick he relapsed, and he was having an affair with a coworker. The death of Bressa caused him to tumble into drunkeness and this turned the once joyful home into a hellhole.

Nellis became angrier, depressed, and was doing terribly at work. Eventually he was fired when Lilezi and Vane were sixteen, so they both decided to get part-time jobs. Lilezi worked at a theater for holofilms and Vane got a job as a busboy at a shady bar. This wasn't enough for their home so they had to sell it and rent out a smaller apartment in the lower levels of Coruscant. Lilezi and Vane kept their jobs and encouraged Harlow to get one too, and he did, finding work in a library.

Their father was gone most of the time, either at a bar or where-ever; the kids were constantly worried about him. Marx, who went through bouts of depression, got into the wrong crowd at school and started to sneak off without the other siblings knowing. Vane got on his case a lot but he wouldn't listen.

Realizing a New DreamEdit

Because he worked at a shady bar, Vane met many smugglers and he would overhear their stories of wild adventures and good pay. Lilezi worked at a theater and would watch many smuggler holofilms for free. Harlow, in his spare time, read a lot, and have read a few smuggler books.

When Vane was eighteen, the four siblings received news of their father and that he was found dead in an alley. The cause of the death was alcohol poisoning and drug overdose. How he obtained the drugs, they had no idea. All four fell even deeper into depression and anxiety.

Vane and Lilezi decided it was time to leave and start something they've been thinking about for awhile; smuggling. They've been planning for this time for awhile now. Vane knew of a ship owner who he became good friends with and could get the hookup if they gave him 100,000 credits for an XS stock light freighter. They've been saving up tons of money from all three of their jobs, and even Marx helped out with some credits he had stolen At this point, they were desperate to leave Coruscant and their troubles behind, so they took it. All four got the ship and left Coruscant.

Harlow and Lilezi read up on piloting and took many free, low-quality piloting simulator tests, so they knew how to work a ship and pilot it, although the real thing wasn't near as easy as the simulators.

Marx and Vane were skilled fighters and learned how to shoot firearms, as well as teaching Lilezi some moves, however Harlow only wanted to learn the basics; he didn't want to rely on violence. He only wanted to be the brains.

The four, who refer to their ship as the New Dream, became even tighter in relationship, even Marx who gave them some trouble from the start. Vane was determined to always keep his family first no matter what.


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