There is emotion, yet peace. There is serenity, yet passion. There is chaos, yet harmony. There is no life without death. I serve the balance and through it the Force shall guide me.
— Code Ogosa followed
Title Master
Alias Ogosa
Gender Female FemaleIcon.png
Species Chiss
Birthplace Csilla
Birth Year 43 BBY
Handedness Left
Complexion Blue
Hair Black
Eyes Red
Height 5'7"
Professional Status
Affiliates Jedi Order

Gray Jedi

Partners Apprentices:

Ogosa was a rare Chiss Jedi who served in the Jedi Order during the time of the Republic and Clone Wars era who, despite being raised following the Jedi Code, decided she wanted to go by a new code and left Coruscant and the Jedi Temple along with her padawan, Yook Ahsi.


Ogosa had the typical blue skin and red eyes of a Chiss. Her hair was jet black and fine. She had a lean, muscular body and was quite athletic. She was a pretty attractive woman. 
Ogosa Chiss

Thanks to Rinmarugames


Ogosa was also a little more sassy than needed. She bit back with sarcasm on numerous occasions and was quite judged by other Jedi when she was assigned a padawan of her own.

Ogosa didn't like it when others were rude to her or her padawan and she made sure you knew how she felt. Because of her failed attitude, she would constantly be lectured about keeping her emotions under control. However, in finding out she actually became stronger when wielding her emotions, she tried to convince the High Council of this, but was shut down from thinking opposite of the Jedi Code.


While a part of the Jedi Order, she would only carry her lightsaber with a blue crystal.

After she left, Ogosa acquired a basic blaster for more protection and to hide the fact she had a lightsaber.


Ogosa knew basic Jedi Force methods such as Force Jump, Push & Pull, Grip, Barrier, and such.


Early YearsEdit

Ogosa was raised by the Jedi Temple on Coruscant ever since she was found to be Force Sensitive on her homeworld.

She learned the Jedi ways, but was always curious of why emotions should never come to play in their actions and decisions. This, for some reason, felt wrong to her.

Discovery and DecisionsEdit

One day, as she was doing secret research in the Jedi Archives, she came across some writings of the Gray Jedi and their code. This code was exactly how she felt people should see the Force and your own emotions.

Not wanting to hear the council from any Jedi, she turned to her padawan, Yook Ahsi, who agreed with her thinking. They agreed to leave the Jedi Order and persue the life of a true Gray Jedi. The two moved to the planet Endregaad and lived in secrecy.


Then, Order 66 was issued, and word of this spread to Ogosa and Ahsi. This only made them even more sworn to secrecy and practiced their techniques in complete isolation from any others.

Then, Endregaad was brought under subjugation by the Empire. The two Jedi were found out by the Grand Inquisitor and although they fought hard, they were no match. They never had experience with a Dark Side user. Ogosa was stabbed through the abdomen and, as she fell to the floor, the Grand Inquisitor stabbed her in the back, ultimately ending her life. Ahsi was able to retrieve her lightsaber and run.


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