There is emotion, yet peace. There is serenity, yet passion. There is chaos, yet harmony. There is no life without death. I serve the balance and through it the Force shall guide me.
— Code Ahsi followed
Yook Ahsi
Title Master
Alias Ahsi
Gender Male MaleIcon.png
Species Togruta
Birthplace Shili
Birth Year 36 BBY
Handedness Right
Complexion Red, white, and blue
Eyes Orange
Height 6'1"
Professional Status
Affiliates Jedi Order

Gray Jedi

Partners Masters:


Personal Status
Relatives By Adoption:
After becoming padawan to Ogosa during the time of the Clone Wars Era, she convinced him the Jedi Order was wrong in many ways and he left with her to live the life of a Gray Jedi.


Yook Ahsi

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Ahsi was a handsome Togruta with a strong face and bodily features. He came to grow pretty tall, his pique height being 6 foot 1 inch.


Ahsi was a pretty serious boy, especially growing into teenage years. He stayed focused on his tasks and didn't really talk with anyone except his master, Ogosa.

After her death, he became an even more serious person. Ahsi only knew survival and just lived life until he met Skai'ra. He had to raise Skai'ra Cloudstalker from baby to teenager and found to love him as a son. He had a natural parental instinct and compassion.


Ahsi only ever carried his lightsaber.


Ahsi knew basic Force abilities.


Early YearsEdit

Ahsi was taken to Coruscant from Shili to train under the Jedi Order when he was found to be Force Sensitive.

He grew up loyal to the Jedi Order and became Padawan learner to Master Ogosa. They had a good relationship and he learned well from her.

Discovery and DecisionsEdit

Eventually, Ogosa encountered him with doubt for Jedi methods. She confessed in him her questions of why emotions were pushed away from the Jedi, and this planted questions into his mind. After some time of thought, Ogosa suggested they leave the Jedi Order and he agreed. Following under the category of a Gray Jedi, Ogosa and Ahsi moved to Endregaad to live in secrecy.


Once Order 66 was issued, Ahsi and Ogosa both went furthur into isolation and trained in complete secrecy. Unfortunately, Endregaad was brought under Imperial control. They were found out by the Grand Inquisitor and Ogosa was slain by the ex-Jedi Guard. Ahsi was able to retrieve her lightsaber and run. He ran with all his might, using the Force to power his speed. He got into his ship and flew off into hiding, barely escaping the grasp of the Empire.

A New CompanionEdit

Over some years, Ahsi was able to obtain a ship and travelled from planet to planet, doing minimal jobs for credits to pay for food and fuel costs.

He eventually found himself on Molavar. He ran into a small village and a man offered hospitality to the Togruta. The man had a wife and a newborn son named Skai'ra Cloudstalker. Ahsi noticed the small boy had a connection to the Force.

After only a couple of days of staying with the family, First Order Stormtroopers raided the village and killed most of the civilians, includings Skai'ra's parents. Ahsi was able to escape with the child and flew away from the planet into hyperspace, having taken some damage from a TIE Fighter that was hot on his trail.

Ahsi arrived on Fest and decided this was his new home with the child. He raised Skai'ra as his own and cared for him, training him in the ways of the Force.


When Skai'ra was 13 years of age, he begged Ahsi to take him to another planet to visit, for they haven't left since they first arrived. Ahsi reluctantly agreed and they travelled to Mantooine. However, again, Ahsi was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Stormtroopers raided where they were staying and Ahsi was found out to be a Jedi. Ahsi and Skai'ra fought and ran, but Ahsi faced the same fate as his old master. He was shot down and killed and Skai'ra took his lightsabers and ran, flying his master's ship back to Fest.


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